Run the Uncertainty Estimator

1. Download SUE

Create a directory on your C: drive called SUE. Download the Stocastic Uncertainty Estimator, and save it in C:\SUE\SUE.exe.

2. Build and download the SUE input file

After building an input file and downloading the zip file, save the files in the zip in a new directory. This directory will be your working directory for this SUE run.

3. Start SUE

To start SUE double click on the .bat file. Output from SUE will be saved to a file called SUE_Output_[your input file name].txt. Named output files from the input parameters will also appear in the same directory as the .bat file.

4. View Output


SUE was developed by Jimm Domingo and Justin Goodman at the Oregon State University College of Forestry (2002-2004)
under the direction of Dr. Mark Harmon

Source code for SUE can be found on it's gitHub site