Input File Builder

Step 1. Initilization Actions

Enter a seed value for the pseudo-random number generator. Number must be an odd integer between 1 and 999,999. help  
Enter a sample space size. Number must be an integer between 2 and 1,000,000. help    

Step 2. Parameter Actions help

Choose parameter action


File preview for parameter actions   help

Step 3. Query Actions help

Choose Query action



File preview for query actions   help

file name for SUE input file  

   *NOTE: Save the downloaded files in a new directory and run the .bat file to start SUE.


SUE was developed by Jimm Domingo and Justin Goodman at the Oregon State University College of Forestry (2002-2004)
under the direction of Dr. Mark Harmon

Source code for SUE can be found on it's gitHub site