Stochastic Uncertainty Estimator

SUE is a scientific tool to simulate the uncertainty in a given mathematical relationship. It utilizes Monte Carlo methods to simulate repeated samplings from an input distribution.

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Step 1 - Download SUE

Pull the current compiled version of SUE to your local windows PC. This is the SUE executable. Create a directory on your local C: drive called 'SUE' and save the SUE.exe file in that directory.

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Step 2 - Build Input

Enter parameters for SUE to run (view example file). The input file consists of initialization, parameter, and query actions. Each tool has an information icon where you can learn how the tool works, and actions are added to the file preview as they are entered and validated. When all the actions have been entered, click Download Input File and save the input file and it's .bat file in a new directory on your local computer.

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Step 3 - Run SUE

To run SUE, double click the .bat file, and output will be saved to 'SUE_output.txt'. For detailed instructions click Run SUE.

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